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Fake Spilled Foods!

Yes, all these are fake and full-sized.  They are as shown, with plate, spoon, garnish, etc.  Most of the individual foods on the plates are also available separately - please contact us for prices.

To order, or for more information, please contact us by email or phone.

Click on any photo to see an enlarged view.

Spilled glass of cola with ice cubes
spilled glass of milk
spilled mug of coffee
spilled glass of orange juice
Spilled cola
Spilled Milk
Spilled coffee with spoon
Spilled orange juice

BB2120  $16.00ea

BB2165  $15.00ea

BB2118  $16.00ea

BB2125  $15.00ea

melted ice cream cone
spilled cocoa
Spilled chocolate ice cream soda
spilled fruit cup
Spilled ice cream cone
Spilled ice cream sundae
Spilled chocolate milkshake
Spilled fruit cup

BB2240  $19.00ea

BB2140  $26.00ea

BB2168$25.00 each

BB2102  $28.00ea
Match to regular fruit cup.

Click on any photo to see an enlarged view.

leaking fountain pen
spilled red wine
spilled ketchup and mustard
spilled paint
Leaking fountain pen
Spilled red wine
Spilled ketchup or mustard
Spilled paint

Available in Yellow (shown), Red, Blue.   1-quart can.

BB2503  $15.00ea

BB2324  $20.00ea

BB2191  $15.00 ea

BB2507  $27.00ea

popsicles-melting.jpg (69245 bytes) spilled nail polish
Melting Popsicles

Available in lemon, orange, or cherry

Spilled nail polish remover
Spilled nail polish
FC900  $14.00

BB2501  $19.00ea

BB2502  $10.00ea



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