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Additional Resources

We recommend these companies highly. They all do great work at fair prices, and can be depended upon to meet your needs.


Los Angeles Resources

Whatever you need, you can probably find it in Debbie's Book. This is the online version of a resource book for the movie and tv industry in Southern California and beyond.

Atlanta Resources

Prop Rentals

Special Projects  404-588-2800 - Can rent you what you need, or design and build it exactly as you'd like to have it. They're a full-service scenery and props company

Party Props and More 770-895-1926 - bought our Wizard of Oz props, our tropical props, some of our western props, and more. They're great - please contact them directly for pricing and availability.

Costumes and Wardrobe

Atlanta Costume, also known as Norcostco  404-874-7511

Costumes, Etc.   404-239-9422

Costume World, also known as Barefoot Bubba's Costume Shop  770-785-9945

Set Builders

Tim Barrett Designs  404-522-5308 - They do design and building, on any scale. Highly qualified.

Special Projects  404-588-2800 (see above)

Movie and Television Lighting

Production Consultants and Equipment - grip, lighting, and camera rental  404-609-9001

Feature Systems - grip and lighting equipment  

Lighting and Production Equipment - grip and lighting equipment  



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